Specialty blends

Aromas, pastes, frosting, flavors and textures… with our customers and business partners, we have managed to create a large number of specific solutions and processes.

More than mixtures, we create customized solutions.

We like to innovate with our clients, so we plan customized processes to create the best products in the industry through specific processes that meet the specific needs of each of them.

These are some of the processes that help us create a large number of products with different needs.

By a sudden change in temperature , the pasteurization process is capable of improving microbiological stability without altering the properties of the product. Sucroliq’s pasteurization process has an energy recovery system that allows it to save on consumption and be friendly to the environment.


Sucroliq has different systems of manufacturing with sophisticated technology that allows the addition and homogenization of raw materials in different presentations such as powders, oils, pastes and various liquids.

Adding complex raw materials

Through separation processes Sucroliq guarantees that the product is free of impurities according to the requirements of the different clients.

Material Filtering

From washing with different food-grade solvents, it is possible to extract natural oils and essences that can improve and offer unique flavors and odors to the final product.

Extraction of oils and essences

Sucroliq offers a variety of presentations of the final product such as drums, totes and pipes according to the logistical and technological requirements of the clients.

Final product packaging

To date, the group has sold to more than 100 clients.




Hard Seltzers

Ice cream

Pharmaceutical grade syrups



Condensed milk


Sodt drinks


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