High-tech liquid sugar and blends

Along with our clients, we create products and technologies designed specifically for their needs. Tailored to their production lines.

More than 20 years creating world-class products and technologies that give quality and flavor to thousands of products from different industries — and this is just the beginning.

Sucroliq is the leading company dedicated to produce and refine sugar, and the development of technologies for this industry, being the largest producer of liquid cane sugar in Mexico.

We have formed a team of expert engineers and researchers who design specific technologies to the particular needs of our clients, focused on the creation of new processes and products.



High-tech liquid sugar with different degrees of refining, coloring and invert sugar.


We create specialized blends for every product’s need. Find out everything we can offer for developing your product.

To date, the group has sold to more than 100 clients.




Hard Seltzers

Ice cream

Pharmaceutical grade syrup



Condensed Milk


Soft drinks


Some of our customers

We are suppliers of the main companies that produce carbonated beverages, cereals, dairy products, juices, among others.


We aim to comply with all global standards and certification requirements for food safety.

FSSC 22000

The FSSC 22000 Standard – Food Safety System Certification – was developed by the International Organization for Food Safety Certification. Its objective is to comply with the certification requirements of the global food safety initiative.

Kosher Pareve

The kosher certification guarantees consumers that the preparation of the products and ingredients they contain comply with the kosher food policy, in addition, it is an indicator that the product meets strict standards of cleanliness, purity and quality.